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Envionment Awareness

As a city with critical waste management problems and a burgeoning informal sector, Nairobi possesses both the need and potential for an innovative approach to its waste problems. In its intervention, Muyog has put in place a weekly garbage collection project and continue to organize routine communal cleanup activities with a view of addressing environmental challenges within Marurui and beyond. 

Strategic objective: Galvanize youth and public to actively and collectively engage in environmental conservation practices.
How garbage collection is conducted:

Stage 1: Collection Bags:  We purchase and distributed garbage bags to our customers on monthly basis. The number of garbage bags to be issued to any customer is informed by the quantity of waste generate. We use polythene bags and sacks for collection.

Stage 2: Collection of garbage from households:  We collect garbage once per week (every Saturday starting from 8:00am – 2:00pm). The garbage is normally picked at the customer’s gate by MUYOG and placed in strategic points along the road (also known as transitory points) ready for collection.

Stage 3: Collection of Garbage from transitory points: At around 5:00pm to 7:00pm, a garbage truck for hire arrives in Marurui and drives round the community collecting garbage from identified strategic points and transports the waste to a designated dumpsite in Dandora. The dumpsite is located about 16 Km from Marurui.

Stage 4: Collection of garbage service money: On 30th day of every month, an SMS is circulated to all the customers reminding them to pay garbage collection fee between 1st to 5th day of the month. The garbage fee varies and like garbage bags, it is informed by the amount of waste generated by a particular household.