Partner Name Area of Partnership Year Type of Support
Ministry of Agriculture (Njaa Marufuku Kenya) Njaa marufuku Kenya Value Addition, ICT  and capacity building Funded in the 2007. Ksh 1,300,000
Nairobits School of Design Computer Training 2008- Ongoing Donation of Computer Machines and a computer trainer.
World Vision Kenya – Kahawa Training and awareness campaigns on HIV/AIDS, Environment, Leadership, 2003 – 2009 Ksh75,000– (Environment)Budgetary support on trainings and awareness campaigns
Kenya Women and Children Wellness Centre (KWCWC) Training and awareness campaigns on Gender Based Violence 2011 – Ongoing Teaching materials on GBV (IEC)
Bhasp Training and awareness campaigns on HIV/AIDS 2010– 0ngoing Teaching materials on HIV/AIDS
USIU (AIESEC and IPA) Internship (capacity building) 2005– Ongoing Volunteers and Interns
NEMA and City Council Environment management Ongoing Training opportunities
Ministry of Youth Affairs Benefited from the Youth Enterprise Development Fund. Ongoing Ksh 200,000 – Loan
Administration office (Chief) Technical advice Ongoing Political good-will
Sachiko Hasegawa Education Program Ongoing Donation of soccer balls, capacity building on entrepreneurship, and provision of land.
Others: community groups and religious institutions Strategic engagement on Topical issues affecting our community Ongoing Donation of learning materials
Information dissemination