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Give Them a Chance – The Muyog Education Program

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What issues have we seen?

Education is the baseline for economic growth and sustainability. It is the backbone of a growing nation. The establishment of a strong curriculum and the appointment of highly skilled teachers are keys to the development of the education system. The problem is that even the best education system only helps if the children stay in school. To help limit the problem, at least in Marurui, we had to first understand what was going on. That meant research. What that showed is that most kids needed an extra incentive to stay in school. A lack of food was often the issue for them and so the thought was, if we give them food there then they will stay there too. Based on this research our project last year focused on getting kids of the street and back into school, using food as an extra incentive. This resulted in us supporting 15 children through their school year. Of the original 15, 14 have stayed in the program. One of the children never showed up for school, but we are doing everything in our power to track him down. For the time being his place has been taken by another student that required aid.

What is Muyog doing to change it?

In the first run of the education program (then named feeding program) we had an issue with parental involvement and parental responsibility. We came to this realization after the interviews with teachers, parents, and the children as a part of the evaluation of the program. This has made us understand that embarking on the issue from the child’s side alone is not enough. We must also assist the parents. Many parents here have their children at such a young age that they do not really know how to go about raising them. They do the best they can but often resort to the same methods as their parents used. This rarely results in progress. To accommodate the parents we have established parenting lessons to help them learn how they can better support their children, as well as developing better communication with the school, their children and Muyog. We have also brought them on board in the further development of the program with in depth talks about how the program is structured and where the funding comes from. The second addition that we have made to the program is the introduction of a revolving fund. This is an essential development. By offering a micro financial system we can now assist families to grow economically. This would enable them to grow out of our program on a sustainable income. Something that right now none of our families have, as can be seen in the case studies  (these are available upon request). The revolving fund also has the capability of launching the program from donor dependency to a self-sustaining system.

What do we need?

To give these families and this program a brighter future we will need your help and your donations. The goal has been set at 15000 euros. After donating we encourage you to spread the word and record your own give them a chance shout-out to help spread the message as widely as possible. (For more insight into the way the funds will be spent the budget is available upon request).

For any further documentation or questions, feel free to email us at muyogyouthorg@gmail.com.