“Any story that does not culminate into action or does not provoke one to act, it is better left than said…..because it will only cause distress to others”  

On the  26th day of June 2013 at 11:00 am  i bounced on a group of around 22 class 7 and 8 pupils from Garden Estate primary (a public school within Marurui vicinities) who have left my heart troubled and indebted. I found the group knocking at the gate of a friend who also happens to be a church mate. Curiously and calmly, i waited from from a reasonable distance just to see what the next cause of action would be. In less than two minutes, the guard appears and the children request to have an audience with his boss, the wife in particular, who until then i hardly could have connected she was their teacher.

Disappointingly, the guard explains to them that their teacher had left in another car, since they looked rejuvenated and optimistic their teacher was in the house after they had spotted her car, which is well known to them, in the compound. On their way back, i approached them to inquire what was the matter. And guess what…? “Tulikuwa tunataka ku request teacher wetu aendelee kitufunza tu hata kama kuna mgomo” “shouted one of them in Kiswahili” – In English i quote, “we had come to request our teacher to continue offering her service to us even though we understand the teachers in public schools are on strike across the country”.Read more about community Library

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