We offer baby care service and evening tuition to needy children. The Day Care enables the parents to fend for their family without causing other older siblings to miss classes to baby-sit the young one. 

Brief Summary: We acknowledge the support of all the Interns/Volutneers across the globe and in particular Sachiko Hasegawa from Japan, Fernando Tavares and Maria Malavolta from Brazil as well as MUYOG fraternity who were and remain integral in the implementation of MUYOG Education Centre. Currently, the centre is hosting a day care for babies aged 1year to  3 years and evening tuition for pupils in class 5  to class 8. The day care runs during the day from 7:00am to 6:00pm. While the evening tuition runs from  6:30pm to 8:00pm. During the weekends, the children get engaged in other extra- curricular activities which include edutaiment and creative art. The children also watch children videos and engage in debates.
Problem Statement: Many children in Marurui Jua Kali slums have found themselves entangled with the task of babysitting as well as other home chores as opposed to being in school studying. More often, they play the role of a house maid as their parents go out to fend for the family. As such, many children who should be in school studying are denied their right to education.
MUYOG Intervention: Through MUYOG, it has put in place a daycare at the heart of Jua Kali slums and benefits the parents with baby care services. Since its inception, a good number of parents have found it convenient to have their children attended at the centre as opposed to compelling the other siblings to skip school to baby sit the little one.
Project Goal: To build a society that appreciates the youth and children with a view of harnessing their abilities and exploring their full potential for better education and improved living condition.
Project Activities:
  1. Day Care services
  2. Tuition Services
  3. Feeding/nutrition Program
  4. Community Library
  5. Extra – curricular activities (i.e theatre, Art, Sports and Debate)
  1. Limited learning space
  2. Limited literature materials
  3. Limited Furniture i.e study tables and chairs
  4. Lack of stipends to retain and motivate volunteer (s)
  5. Limited facilities for extra curricular actvities such as sporting equipment and art
Lessons Learnt:
  1. Every child has a potential to become what they want in life when given a chance and provided with the necessary support.
  2. Succes in education is a collection responsibility of the school teacher, parents and community at large.
  3. Community centres (such as MUYOG Education Centre) is an integral platform for shapping the discipline of childre and advancing them socially, academically and mentally.
  4. Community centres provide the young ones with an opening for building cohesion and embracing diversity, hence peaceful coexistence.
  5. Community centres is a good avenue consolidating information and informing the community