Leadership & Good Governance

Bad governance affects many people, and undermines the efforts to reduce poverty. MUYOG seeks to promote participatory leadership and integrity amongst the youth on social,economic and political transformation and development processes through community dialogue forums.It also empower theyouth to become economically independent to avoid manipulation by individuals who often use their social, economic and political power to serve their interest at the expense of poor youths.

Strategic object: To ensure that youths and the community are sensitized, participate and represented in meaningful development.

Specific activities

For Marurui and the entire Roysambu to flourish, its population must embrace values that underpin democracy, such as respect in the rule of law and belief in the political system. The community must also have knowledge about government institutions, practices and basic rules which are the foundation of democracy:  In regard to this, the following activities are to be conducted:

  1. Hold community forums/dialogue to discuss pressing issues in Marurui and conduct civic education
  2. Directly participate in development by spearheading/proposing/offering guidance on key project. For instance, MUYOG aims at taking a pivotal role in constructions of roads and other installations in Marurui.
  • Do a follow-up and sensitize the community on government policies and activities. Through this programme, MUYOG is doing a follow-up on major government policy issues such as,
    1. The cash transfer
    2. Constituency Development(CDF)
    3. UWEZO Fund and Youth Fund
    4. County development programs

How one can get involved as a volunteer

  1. Fundraise cash for implementing above activities.
  2. Share best practices from your country
  • Act as a facilitator/trainer in community forums
  1. Help in developing the necessary documentation