The severe impact of HIV/AIDS pandemic on families, communities and economies is acknowledged by people in all works of life. In Marurui Jua kali, like many other slums,

HIV/AIDS is the newest challenge and public health crisis in our society. It is a fatal disease that continues to take from us our beloved ones. HIV prevalence rate in Marurui is overly appalling as the number of orphans and vulnerable children is increasing drastically.Worse still, most youth are lacking information on HIV while some fail to put the already garnered knowledge into practice. It is such realities that continue to put them at the risk of contracting HIV in spite of the efforts by Kenya government and International community.

The current statistics indicate that:

  • Over 40 million people are living with HIV/AIDS globally.
  • 60% of all new HIV/infections are among people aged 15-24 year.
  • In Kenya – 2 million people are infected with HIV/aids; over 1.5 million have died due to aids; Majority of the HIV/AIDS infected people are aged 15-24 years.

Strategic Objective:  

Empower youth with necessary social and economic knowledge and skills to combat HIV infection and spread