Information Communication Technology

In this fast and changing world, every company, every business, every Organization is pegging its Growth and Development on ICT. Marurui United Youth Organization(MUYOG) is also not being left behind in this endeavor as it seeks to empower its community members with pertinent skills and that will enable them get to their next level of success. To achieve this, MUYOG has two programs embedded its main ICT Program. These programs include 1. The Vijana TUfahamike Computer Centre and 2. Muyog Cyber Cafe.

Vijana Tufahamike Computer centre seeks to empower youths and its members with computer skills by training them on their use. Muyog Cyber on the other hand exposes these members to vast information on the internet.

Objective: To develop the use of ICT among the youth and community in Marurui for growth and development,

Reasons for its establishment

The organization realizes the importance of Information technology for development and how ICT can help individuals and organizations work better. Some of the reasons for its establishment are as stipulated.

  1. To increase ICT knowledge in the community
  2. To create a platform where community members can have quick access to information either for purposes of study, research or employment.
  • To enable fast and smooth communication between individuals and organizations either though the internet, through proper documentation (Typesetting) e.t.c.

Specific activities

  1. Internet services
  2. Photocopying (Black and Color)
  • Typesetting
  1. Printing(Black and Color)
  2. Binding
  3. Lamination
  • Scanning
  • Design (Posters, Brochures, Letterheads, Business cards, Sacco Books & Eulogies)
  1. Sale of envelopes, sweets, fullscaps, memory cards etc

Involvement as a volunteer

  1. Writing proposalsletters to possible funders explaining  the impact of the ICT project in the community and raising the current challenge and will to obtain some more equipment that are dire to the sustenance of the project e.g. UPS’s
  2. Cyber support: typesetting, blowing of machines, entry of records

For volunteers who are well versed with software development, they can assist in creating an inventory management system for the cyber. They can also help with the collaboration of the ICT project coordinator to come up with a cyber management system that will enable the organization to record monthly incomes, expenditure in order to establishThis can be easily accessed at a click of a button.