MUYOG realises the importance of Information Communication Technology for Growth and development. With the Kenyan Goverrment promising every standard one going child a laptop, this calls for community participation in making this dream a success and especially for this community.

Strategic objective: Enhance education performance and combat illiteracy among the children and members of Marurui Jua kali community.

Through this project, MUYOG seeks increase computer literacy among the people of Marurui and its environs and these include school going children, youths and the adults. Vijana Tufahamike( Youths, be Informed ) provides computer packages to her students at an affordable rate of Ksh 3000/=.We have had partnerships with other organization to ensure the success of this program and to date  One hundred and Fifty Students (150) have gone our system and have successfully gotten placements and/or started their own businesses related to what they learnt.

Over and above that, the project also has gone forth in sponsoring some of the bright students who are them assimilated in order to ensure the sustainability of the sponsor program.

Packages that are taught include:

  1. Introduction to Computers
  2. Ms Word
  3. Ms. Excel
  4. Ms. Powerpoint
  5. Ms. Publisher
  6. Ms. Access
  7. Photoshop
  8. Email and Internet

Programs  Information Communication Technology  


As Kenya goes digital, more emphasis is being laid on bridging the digital divide among the marginalized counties and communites in Kenya. Approaches include; Ensuring awareness if ICTs among the public and in particular the youth and children;Improving and equitably decentralizing ICT services and delivery in rural as well as in urban slums and lastly Ensuring availabillity and accessibility of ICT facililtes within such communitites at all levels

Strategic Objective: Promote use of technology among the youth and community for growth and development

MUYOG, through its ICT program, is promoting the use of technology among the youth and Marurui community and its Environs with a view of increasing their job opportunities as well as improving their accessibility to educational resources. MUYOG Cyber has successfully been able to bridge this gap as it serves more that 5,000 of its community members.

Services Offered at the Community Cyber

  1. Photocopying
  2. Binding
  3. Scanning
  4. Printing Services (Colour and Black & White)
  5. Lamination
  6. Internet Services (50cts@min and wireless connectivity at Ksh 700 per month.)