Institution Development

Program: Institution Development:

Strategic Objective: Ensure the project is properly implemented, managed and sustained.

 This program is the central pillar and is responsible for coordination of all other programs in MUYOG. Its core activities revolve around:

  • Personnel appointment and management
  • Resource mobilization/fundraising and management
  • Networking and Alliance Building
  • Marketing and Publicity
  • Hiring of interns and management
  • MUYOG programs growth and development.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

 How an intern can get involved?

  • Assist in proposal writing and fundraising both locally and internationally
  • Assist in management and updating of information on MUYOG website and other social media.
  • Assist in establishing new frontiers for MUYOG
  • Assist in development of organization policies (i.e finance policy, Human resource policy among others).
  • Assist in record keeping and data development and management.
  • Assist in development of financial control systems where deemed appropriate.

NB: The job description is bound to change from time to time based on emerging needs and priorities as per MUYOG annual work plan.