TALENT(Talent Search, Empowering and Promotion)

Program: Talents Search and Economic Development

Strategic Objective:    Empower the youth to become economically independent by harnessing and promoting youthful talents as a tool for socio-economic development.

Under this program MUYOG we sensitize the youth on emerging opportunities and encourage those talented in sport, music, art and any other gift to consider it a serious means of livelihood that should be systematically developed. To the extent possible, MUYOG identifies such talents and facilitate linkage with institutions that can promote it. This is achieved through organization of exhibitions, music extravaganzas and sports tournaments. More importantly, MUYOG has established a saving and loaning scheme (dabbed MUYOG Sacco cum Investment Group). This is aimed at encouraging the youth as entrepreneurs and investors. The group is open for any willing youth within and outside Marurui.

How can an intern get involved…..? (Assist in the implementation of MUYOG 2014 work plan – talents and economic development program).

Specific activities:

  • Assist in organizing sports tournament, concerts, exhibitions and any other relevant platform deemed strategic for promoting youthful talents.
  • Assist in marketing MUYOG saving and loaning idea to the community.
  • Assist in resource mobilization.
  • Assist in organizing strategic economic empowerment forums bringing on board the youth and micro-finance institutions.

How can an intern get involved in education program….? (Assist in the implementation of MUYOG 2014 work plan – Education advocacy).

Specific activities:

  • Assist in the fundraising for feeding program.
  • Assist in organizing education visits for children in Marurui Jua kali slums.
  • Assist in development of social activities for children to engage in community work.
  • Assist in mobilizing education materials for community library.
  • Assist in record keeping and filling system in community library.
  • Assist in marketing of education activities.