Memories with MUYOG

sachiko Hasegawa

Laura A. Carrie (Kenyan name: Wacera)

I believe that the time I spent working with MUYOG turned me into a lifelong educator.  During those short months I began to truly see the impact I could have on others through teaching and imparting valuable knowledge that I had previously taken for granted.  In the members of MUYOG I found courage, strength, and compassion.  Also, I learned much more than I taught while I worked with this group of dedicated people.  I have kept in contact with MUYOG and hope to one day work again with its members.  This group has and will continue to improve the lives of many people on many different levels.

Melissa Jayne Mansfield-Ngari

I am a passionate follower of MUYOG and share in their vision. With the assistance of Susan and Steven Mansfield and Lance Katwa Ngari.  We worked with book suppliers in Nairobi to purchase elementary and secondary text books at discount to support MUYOG education program.

Andrew Smith “Omondi”

This is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I got to work with wonderful people that taught me to be more grounded and to appreciate life more. If I had the opportunity I would love to return!