MUYOG Mission: To use the available knowledge, skills and resources for the welfare of the youth and children in Marurui without prejudice.

 MUYOG Vision: We envision every youth of Marurui having life in all its fullness free from suffering.

MUYOG Values: Independence, Accountability,Transparency, Integrity, Responsibility, Volunteerism,  Commitment, Unity in Diversity,  Resilience,  Professionalism, Reliability and Creativity.
Strategic objectives:

1.To promote Human Rights and Good governance among the youth of Marurui.

2.To promote environmental health awareness programs and activities.

3.To promote use of ICT as a means for sustainable growth and development.

4.To tackle the problems of poverty and unemployment by initiating and encouraging Jua Kali sector, self help projects and capacity building

5.To promote information dissemination and education among the youth and children
MUYOG Leadership:

  1. Board
  2. Secretariat
  3. Members
  4. Community